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  • carpet-cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning – Did you know that shampooing carpeting with soap is one sure way to shorten the life of your carpets? Sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. When carpet cleaners use soap, they can never remove it all, and it actually acts like a magnet to dirt that hardens like a brick. Learn more

  • curb-appeal

    Curb Appeal – One of the first things a Realtor tells someone selling a home is that they have to maximize curb appeal. Why? Because they know that people make judgments about a house….and how much it is worth – based upon curb appeal. Learn more

  • events

    Event Clean Up – I sometimes have backyard barbecues with friends and neighbors. We all have a great time, but after it’s all over, my wife and I look at each other and say “Who’s going to clean this all up!”… Learn more

  • hard-floor-care

    Hard Floor Care – Whether you have parquet wood floors, tile, or other floor surfaces, you know that keeping them cleaned can be a challenge, especially in high traffic areas. Tile poses a particularly tough problem, and this is one way non pros can cause you big trouble… Learn more

  • housekeeping

    Housekeeping – Many of our clients rely on LandCorp to keep their properties sparkling clean for daily use of their guests. Some want these essential duties performed overnight, so each day starts with a clean appearance, while others want a day porter, to clean during the day… Learn more

  • pressure-washing

    Pressure Washing – Ever try cleaning the sides of your building and the concrete walkways with a garden hose? Chances are, it’s not going to do the job and just get the place all wet! You need water, but water under pressure to remove dirt and grime from surfaces to get them sparkling clean… Learn more

  • parking-lot-sweeping

    Parking Lot Sweeping and Maintenance – Did you ever drive into a mall and wonder how they keep their parking lots so clean, with no trash or stains in the parking stalls? It’s because they have their parking areas swept every night with those big driven street sweepers. Learn more

  • window-cleaning

    Window Washing – Imagine your guest sweeping back the curtains in their room…..only to see a nice view through dirty windows. Not a pretty picture, yes? Your property is constantly being judged, and cleanliness is one of the things your guests are likely to forget…. Learn more