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LandCorp Property Maintenance has been our provider for carpet cleaning, floor care and carpet repair since 2009. You have consistently provided our small, private school with outstanding, cost effective service each summer. We have been very impressed with your willingness to wrok around our tight facility schedules and appreciate the flexibility that each summer brings in regards to different requests that need to be done. Your quick response during a few emergencies has been invaluable to our operations.

Joanne Harris

Facility Manager, Summit School of Ahwatukee

Our partnership with Landcorp has improved our overall cleanliness. The managers have implemented weekly service evaluations performed with our team that have improved the accountability and cleanliness of our operations. They are responsive and address our needs with urgency.

Edgar Lozoya

General Manager, Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa

Maria, Just wanted to check in with you. This year’s turn has been AMAZING. Thanks go out to you and your whole crew! I was hoping we could have a few people on hand for mommy go backs this year, I know there is an hourly charge for this, just let me know what it is. I am think two people tops from 8am to 5 pm, I really don’t anticipate much in the way of upset parents. As always they are more than welcome to relax inside our shop or in one of the Honors Hall common areas while they wait. I also wanted to check on invoices. I haven’t combed through my email completely but Amy is only showing three invoices for 248 units and I am showing you have cleaned in the range of 450 (roughly) units. I can match up invoice numbers with you if you want just let me know. Again, thank you so much for everything you have done for us this year!

Travis Johnson

Barrett, Honors College of American Campus Communities

LandCorp has been a strong partner in the maintenance of Mii amo and shows constant desire to grow, adapt and hear the needs and concerns of us as their client. I appreciate the open lines of communication and the hands-on approach of the Management team and look forward to continued success with the company.

Robert Vance

Spa Director

Mii Amo Spa

Our partnership with Landcorp has improved our overall kitchen cleanliness. The managers have implemented weekly service evaluations performed with our team that have. improved the accountability and cleanliness of our operations. They are responsive and address our needs with urgency. I look forward to continuing our relationship as our company continues to grow.

Andrew Ashmore

Brand Chef, Culinary Dropout

"Since Poway Honda began using LandCorp as our cleaning service provider, there has been a significant increase in the quality and consistency in the nightly cleaning at our facility. William's attention to detail, responsiveness, and communication are excellent. We are overall very happy with the cleaning and customer service that LandCorp provides."

Brad Bradshaw

Service Manager, Poway Honda Auto Dealership

Jennifer, You and your team did a fantastic job on the booth cleaning on Monday night. Enterprise couldn’t be happier with your efforts. The booths we had serviced are heavy use and are open for 19 hours a day with a lot of movement in and out. As you saw, they get awfully dirty. I came in to check the quality and I must say I was shocked! Every little nook and cranny were attended to and your team even moved the big cabinets in the return kiosk and cleaned behind them as well. When I saw the quality of work, I grabbed the area manager Mitch and showed him each area. He asked if we got new flooring. He was also amazed in how good of a job you and your team did. I wanted to let to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks Jennifer!

Ryan Berry

Parking/Operations Supervisor, Enterprise Holdings

Guys, I want to personally thank each of you for your assistance on making last night’s event perfect. We have set the bar for what a Porsche store should look like, I couldn’t have done it without any of your help! Everything last night was PERFECT, Detlev and his team are going to have a real had time with the rest of the Porsche stores in the county after seeing what they saw last night!!

David Zoloto

General Manager, Porsche North Scottsdale

We have been using Landcorp for our FOH/BOH cleaning for about 6 months now. They have done an excellent job maintaining the scope of cleaning agreed upon. While no company is perfect, Landcorp has excelled at being available and responding to any concerns that have developed. We are using them at other properties and plan to use them at future properties.

Andrew Ashmore

Brand Chef, Fox Restaurant Company

Once again your staff did an amazing job with event clean up. I went out first thing this morning and everything looked great. I did not find any trash. Please let your staff know we appreciate their hard work and they did a great job.

Cheryl Lohman

Parking/Transportation Manager, Parking & Transit Services Arizona State University

With all the vendors we as hoteliers have to deal with on a daily basis, the one I look forward to talking to is Landcorp. They take care of everything, work around my schedule, and do an amazing job with my carpets. I can’t imagine life in housekeeping without them!

Erica Peterson

Director of Housekeeping, Firesky Resort and Spa

At first when MCDOT switched to using a contractor for Adopt a Highway it was not an easy switch for me. But then it all changed when you joined LandCorp and we worked together as a team. You have gone above and beyond to make my job easier so many times over the years. When I was out of the office I didn’t worry because I knew you would take care of things for me. You were the best back up I could’ve ever asked for. Please let your crews know that I am also very grateful to them and appreciate their help these past years. I truly hope we will get to continue to work with each other. And remember maybe now you will have more time to go find a Sponsor for the Sponsor Program and we can work together that way. But Jamie it has been my honor working with you. Thank you for everything you have done for my program.

Alva Tovar

Department of Transportation, Adopt a Highway Coordinator

We appreciate the quick response time when dealing with you and your company. I think you know we are growing our business here on the west side and our needs are changing rapidly and to have venders like LandCorp being ultra responsive to our needs has been critical. Also your staff has been great at the services provided, keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

Mike Lenoir

Service Manager, La Mesa RV Phoenix

We chose to use Landcorp because of the great customer service we received by yourself (Maria Oros) while planning our turn at Barrett last year. We also were impressed with the quality of work that the teams did in our units. The staff is quick and efficient and never hesitates to go above in beyond if we are in a pinch and have to add rooms last minute. You are organized and willing to do whatever it takes to make your customers happy. We appreciate the face to face contact with you and the team supervisors on a regular basis as well. You also came highly recommend from a property of ours in California.

Michelle Griffith

General Manager,American Campus Communities Barrett, The Honors College

In general, LandCorp is very effective at solving our problems. If there ever is an issue, it is resolved immediately by Doug, Maia, and Carlos.The services offered are valuable, and having Doug as a rep that I can get on the phone at any time for any reason is invaluable.

Zachary Cook

Field Operations Supervisor - Maintenance, Arizona State University

I have worked with Maria and LandCorp now for over a year, including two spring training seasons. Maria goes above and beyond expectations of what we need and ask of her. She is always present to support staff and insure the job is being done in a sufficient and efficient manner. I appreciate her always being here when I know she has so many other clients to please. She is a great leader and is never afraid to step in when help is needed as well. In my mind, that is what makes a great boss…someone who will never ask you to do a task that they would never be willing to do themselves. Her crew respects her and it shows in their work ethic and efforts. Maria does many things for Camelback Ranch that are not always on the “to do list” but she gets it done no matter what the situation. LandCorp members work hard. Their team really works well together to get the tasks done. They take directional very well and make my job easier. Once they get in a groove and know our expectations I trust them to get the job done without having to check in or worry about something being missed. They work hard no matter what the situation is or how long of a day its been. This job is not always pretty but they never let that show. They are respectful to fans and always fill their requests in a timely manner.(spills, toilet paper refill, etc.) LandCorp and Maria have truly been a pleasure to work with and I am so grateful for all of their hard work and dedication to us here at Camelback Ranch Baseball

Amanda Tyce

Operations Assistant, Camelback Ranch - Glendale

Landcorp is always very responsive to our needs and always does the job right. It's nice to have a partner that keeps your best interests in mind.

Jim O'Connor

Deseo Manager, The Westin Kierland

There's a level of trust that other companies out there don't have. We can call you personally any time and know that you'll take care of any concern we may have right away. LandCorp does a really good job at building a relationship.Your company brings a true spirit of partnership to us. The service is great in addition which is very important.

Brian Dell'Ergo

Operations Manager, Westin Phoenix Downtown Hotel

"Third shift cleaning is a difficult job. People think it's simple but it's not. I managed it for many years and it is very hard. Your company makes my job easier because I don't have to take care of that. The third shift crew works hard and I appreciate it."

Salvatore Moscato

Executive Chef, Hilton Sedona Resort

I wanted to drop you a note and express how great it is having Kenn Weise represent your company. I have known Kenn for years and he has always been professional and helpful. More than anything he is attentive and very responsive. Anytime I have needed any little thing handled he takes care of it right away, and is great about returning calls and emails promptly. He is easily one of the BEST vendors I work with!

Bobby Perich

General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover North Scottsdale

On behalf of Camelback Ranch Spring Training LLC, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago White Sox of Major League Baseball; I would like to commend Maria Orso (Land Corp) on another successful year (month of February/March) of providing great service and quality throughout our 2013 Spring Training Season. Land Corp (Maria) has continued to provide a commitment and dedication that has been 2nd to none. Maria and her staff have taken on the daily challenges and strenuous grind of 34 games in 32 days. I look forward to the off season of scheduled events and other monthly, quarterly and semi annual cleaning services that Land Corp provides our facility throughout the year.

Jonathan D. Vasquez

Director, Facility Operations Camelback Ranch Spring Training LLC. Spring Training Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox

LandCorp provides a service for ASU that is very expensive and important to our business.They do a great job providing services to our department. Even with short notice and emergency work.

Cheryl Lohman

Program Coordinator Sr, Arizona State University

I just wanted to let you know about one of your porters found a wallet in the parking lot one evening last week that was full of cash and credit cards. He looked inside it to get some hints on where to turn it in and found a Porsche Owners Club card in the front. He then brought it into me and turned it in. I was able to get it back to the owner and all is well. He even talked to me the following day to see if I got it handled. I’ve run into him a couple of times over the past week and he’s always smiling. He’s one upstanding guy.

Mike Rothery

Service Manager, Porsche North Scottsdale

In all of the ten years plus that The Westin Kierland has been open, the quality, dedication and commitment from our LandCorp Overnight Cleaning partner has never been a "keeping me up at night" list contender. A service that most operators change on a regular basis due to poor service, a lack of reliability or worse, for ten years, I have always found LandCorp to be dedicated to being part of the solution and NEVER part of the problem. You will find them responsive, honest, ethical and driven to constantly improve their services not to mention creative in finding ways to assist an operator to stretch their night cleaning dollar further. Too many wait too long to make a change fearing that their next night cleaner will be worse than the last. LandCorp is the partner you will hire and keep. You will quickly find them to be the benchmark you should hold your other partners to and I recommend them to you highly.

J. Bruce Lange

Managing Director, Chairman, The Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association

The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa

LandCorp’s online credit system is a testament to innovation. They have successfully taken what has been traditionally known as a fixed cost and turned it into a variable. With the use of the online tool, we now have the opportunity to plan additional work for almost no additional cost.

Nicholas Russo

Director of Six Sigma, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

"Accountability and reliability. LandCorp take care of things and are quick with requests. That's what it's all about; good customer service. You also find things that I would never think to look at so I don't have to manage the quality of the cleaning services."

Jorinda Nardone

General Manager

The Red Door Spa

LandCorp provides a clean and sanitary kitchen for our teams work in. LandCorp has always been very detail oriented and provided a fast and dependable service. They represent a peace of mind for our team. We know any requests will be provided and in a timely manner. LandCorp has always championed their everyday tasks and duties as per the scope dictates.

Bacilio Lopez

Stewarding Supervisor, Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa

You and all of your team down to the night members take the time to get to know everyone here on a personal level. That's what it's all about the relationships. LandCorp is very flexible, you take care of last minute requests all of the time without hesitation and almost never say no. The great attention to detail and follow ups after projects speaks volume on the expectations and quality that your teams has.

Scott Terbush

Director of Hotel Operations Beverage and Food, Renaissance Phoenix Downtown

LandCorp offers a variety of services. This is convenient for us because we don't have to find other companies for service outside of janitorial; for example maintenance and handyman work, window cleaning, block wall repair, etc. And I know that it will be done well.

Chris O’ Connell

Executive Director, Desert Valley Pediatrics

The Boulders Resort has contracted with Landcorp for our Resort, Club, Spa and restaurant night cleaning for more than 15 years.   We also use Landcorp for our window washing, parking lot sweeping and special power washing.   I have been at The Boulders for 17 years, most of that time as Director of Housekeeeping and Villas, and have always found Landcorp detailed in their cleaning and dedicated to customer service.  They are extremely responsive to our requests or conerns; their follow-up is on target. The last few years, they have been a valuable partner in cost savings as well.   We have saved several thousand dollars a year, using their unit pricing options and VCAP daollars..  In short, Landcorp treats The Boulders, the way The Boulders treats our guests.

Linda Heyman

Operations Manager of El Pedregal at The Boulders

LandCorp has been a partner with the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass for over 8 years and we consider ourselves lucky to have such a great company keeping our public areas, restaurants and kitchens in Five Star/ Five Diamond shape.  I personally have worked at 2 Five Diamond resorts in the valley and by far LandCorp is the BEST vendor available.Their ownership down to their line workers are knowledgeable, hard work and have a passion for cleanliness.  They are also very flexible and this is shown when we reduce their scope due to our summer business levels.  Even when we make reductions their service is exemplary.

Christopher K. Scott

Director, Housekeeping Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa

In 2008, I was looking for opportunities to consolidate the janitorial services for all of our Penske Automotive stores here in the Arizona Market. At that time, we employed two separate vendors for the market and the cleaning standards varied significantly from store to store. My belief was that if we hired one vendor to service all of the locations, we could potentially save money on the overall contract and we would be able to set a single high standard cleaning and appearance expectation and the successful vendor would be able to apply that standard with little or no confusion between stores. Landcorp came into our bid process with excellent references and credentials. They were professional throughout the entire selection process and they ended up as the successful bidder. Since that time, Landcorp has proven their value to us many times over. Due to their size and business model, they can provide us with both long term and temporary help as our needs dictate. In addition to their regular services such as; overnight cleaners, day time porters, carpet cleaning and window cleaning, they have also supplied us personnel to assist with landscaping and maintenance needs. As part of a very large automotive dealer network, our Arizona stores consistently rate as some of the cleanest stores in the entire company. I believe that the appearance of our stores has helped to set the standard of how all of our dealerships should be maintained. Kenn Weise and his team take pride and ownership of our stores and that's one of the many reasons that we continue to partner with them.

Dave Smalley, CEM

Director of Facilities

Penske Automotive

I just wanted to let you know that whoever was in from Landcorps most recently did a nice job in the Kierland Mining Company. We are now closed on Monday and Tuesday so when I came in today I immediately noticed that my desk had really been given some TLC with the furniture polish. The pillows were standing up and straightened out and the little ‘debris’ that I noticed had fallen from our artificial Christmas tree on my way out Sunday was cleaned up and the table shined. Please pass on our thanks for a job well done.

Pat Coyne

Resort Ambassador, The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa

It's all about the relationship. I've known Ricardo a long time and always saw him. I know his role has changed but I see Jenny and Kenn here all the time. If I ask for something to get done, I know it will be a priority. I don't have to worry.

Paige Lund

General Manager

The Marriott, Downtown Phoenix

LandCorp creates a valuable business partnership based on professionalism, thoroughness and responsiveness. LandCorp assists in achieving the desired results quickly and meticulously. LandCorp is reliable and flexible whether the job is big or small. LandCorp represents solutions…. When unexpected situations arise, LandCorp is up for the task. LandCorp provides solutions that save time, money and resources.

Karen Folwell

Human Resources Manager, Barrett-Jackson “The Worlds Greatest Collector Car Events"

LandCorp is very flexible and understands the resort's needs, especially when it comes to cost cutting and last minute tasks. What I find most valuable about LandCorp's service is they are detail orientated, not just a contractor but a partner.

Ian Hawthorne

Manager, The Wigwam Resort

"You are reliable. You never leave areas halfway clean and always deliver every thing listed on the contract. LandCorp is also very accommodating with any request we ask and there are many of them. You are quick to act upon them and always take care of us. Your company is also very flexible especially with savings based on occupancy levels. These items are very valuable to me."

Noelia Nava

Director of Housekeeping, The Wigwam Resort

Let me just say that your crew is awesome! I have had 3 different carpet companies over the past several years but Geronimo and his crew top them all. Quick, thorough, and most importantly great results. They managed to get the carpet up in Exec Boardroom done in 30 min with minimal disturbance to guests as well. Thanks again for your help as well as your crews with all of the projects this week.

George Lambrakis

Banquet Manager, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch

"I have not experienced the level of professionalism your company delivers in my tenure here at Los Abrigados. You are very proactive and responsive with your service. Jenny consistently follows up with staff and inspects services regularly. It's a service we have not experienced from other companies. Your management is the crucial cog in the wheel that makes it all work."

Jonnas C. Acree

Sedona Spa Manager, Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

Your attention to detail and that you are on property all the time is valuable. I am able to contact you easily at any time. Your team is also very quick in handling requests. I have worked with many cleaning companies in the past and none of them are as good as LandCorp.

Lenard Ruben

Executive Chef, Wigwam Resort and Spa

I think the main thing is that you are here regularly and you make yourself present. I work with other companies in where I never see them. We work together well and you check in with me when on property. I'm able to bring up additional items and you take care of them right away.

David Viviano

Executive Chef, Westin Phoenix Downtown

It's the relationship. The personal touch. Let's be honest, I can hire any cleaning company but your company brings a level of partnership that other companies don't have. The services delivered are great as well which makes it easier to partner. If your company were to cost more than a competitor, I'd pay more for a service like yours because its valuable. If we were to have a challenge, I'd speak with you before even considering an alternative, because of the personal relationship we have developed.

Todd Iacono

General Manager, Westin Phoenix Downtown

I can call you anytime for anything and you're always available and want to help. Not everyone offers that. They don't hire managers that take care of clients personally. That kind of service is priceless. That engagement is very valuable for us.

Jacob Wright

Sr. Manager of Operations, Rooms

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown

Your customer service is great. It's prompt, quick and thorough. You and your crew are always available and on site for easy communication. Your flexibility in so valuable. Allowing us to service areas based on business levels is very beneficial for us. I'm able to adjust fixed costs to save money.

Brian Archibald

Executive Chef

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel

I always find the most value in service, communication and partnership. Your company provides all of those. The service that your company provides is very valuable. Bottom line, I have to have a clean restaurant. Your company delivers that while having a relationship. That's very important. I don't care if you sell shoes, cleaning service or's all about the relationship. I could put the contract out for bid every year but I stay with your company because I know I'm going to be taken care of. I don't even look. You guys do a really good job. Even with the recent changeover of crew members, we didn't have any problems. That's unusual. Usually we feel that with other companies. I don't have to watch over your service because the restaurant is always clean.

James E. Zemlock

Managing Partner

The Capital Grille Phoenix

We have used Landcorp's services for many years at the different properties I have been a part of. I have come to rely on their expertise and their willingness to help us with any special requests we may have. Their team members, supervisors, and managers are professional and have taken the time to understand our needs and more importantly the needs of our guests. Kenn is always communicating with my staff to see how else he can help us. His ability to get things done is what we rely on and allows me to focus on other areas of the resort that need my attention. We have come to look at Landcorp not just as our vendor, but as our partner.

Miriam Moss

Director of Rooms

The Montelucia Resort & Spa


What People Are Saying About Our Credit System

“LandCorp’s online credit system is a testament to innovation. They have successfully taken what has been traditionally known as a fixed cost and turned it into a variable. With the use of the online tool, we now have the opportunity to plan additional work for almost no additional cost.”

Nicholas Russo, Director of Six Sigma, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

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